Old Window Ideas

I recently acquired a bunch of free fantastic “trash” in our neighborhood on bulk pick-up trash day.  Our city hasn’t had a bulk pick-up trash day in decades, so this was one trashy, thrifty, thrilling day for me.  Yes, I was walking down streets I normally NEVER venture down and yes, I was up at 6am driving my mini-van slowly down side alleys looking for buried treasure.  I seriously should have gone much crazier than I did.  There was so much fantastic stuff to be had– especially old windows, antique chairs, headboards, and coffee tables.  
I snatched up 2 coffee tables (that I have no need for), 2 old windows, and the most perfect vintage white little-girl’s-bed.  I seriously considered how I could acquire a little girl just so that I could use this bed; it is that cute.  However, I then remembered that I do indeed have nieces and that my little sis would probably love this bed as much as I do.  I know.  I’m an awesome sister and I can’t wait to show off  the bed once little sis is done freshening it up a bit. (Hint, hint, Chrissy.) 
Okay, so onto the windows.  What does one do with a bunch of vintage windows?  Well, if you are lucky enough to stumble upon some (or drive around looking for them at 6am) then here are some ideas to help you out.  
1.  Room Divider-We actually contemplated doing something like this on our very-open first floor to give it more of a segmented feel.  However, I kept having nightmares of our children hanging from the window and glass flying everywhere.  Visions of rushing to the ER sort of killed this window-vision for us.  Perhaps I just killed it for you too.  Sorry.

2.  Window as Window-Seems obvious enough but what a cute idea. Hang an old window on your fence with a flower box beneath and you create some visual interest on that long expanse of boring fence.  Love it!

3.  Headboard-I’ve toyed with this idea as well.  We have two old beautiful doors from the early 1900′s (that were the original doors from our last home and somehow made their way into the basement of this home. :) I love the idea of covering some, but not all, of the panes in coordinating fabrics.

4. Frames- This clever lady used a bunch of old windows to frame some of her favorite pictures.  A great, cheap way to frame-up your art.

Another window frame.  Here someone has used a chandelier vinyl rub-on and backed it with some old sheet music.  (By the way, sheet music is very “in” right now.  People are using it in all sorts of projects.)

5. Quilt Display-I’m not sure how many people have a bunch of old quilts they are willing to cut-up and place in back of an old window, so how about scrapbook paper?  Or perhaps that pile of clothes/linens that you’re no longer using?  Coordinating paper or fabric would also work to make a one of a kind piece of art.

6.  Table-Okay, so this last idea takes some skill that I don’t think I quite yet possess, but I love this idea so it’s getting included.  Buy some table legs at Lowes or Home Depot and nail them onto your window (or beg a crafty friend, husband, or perhaps father to do it for you).  

So, you ask what am I going to do with my old windows?  You’ll just have to wait and see my friend!  I haven’t started the project yet but it will involve bead wire, clothes pins, and yarn spools.  In my mind’s eye it looks fabulous.  In real life, who knows yet?  We’ll see.  Hopefully sooner than later!

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  1. Marie says

    Hello Beth – I'm new to your blog. I rescued several old windows from my friend's house and looking for some inspiration. Did you start your window project yet? If so, what did you end up doing? I'm very curious!