Where do you blog?

Kate is having a very fun linky party that I just had to join!  While waiting and waiting for construction to start in my craft room, I have continued to blog in my usual spots.  In the kitchen on the “wrong side” of the bar is usually where I blog.  The kids sit across from me working on an art project, or eating a snack, or what have you while I share some inspiration.  But THIS atrocity is what my computer is currently sitting in.  Yeah.  I know. Embarrassing.  Notice I have a cucumber, a chisel, a phone, a glue gun, and an empty water glass all to the left of me.  We won’t even get into what is on the right of me.  Ugh.  How’s this for an inspiring disaster area?
So, I usually take my MacBook upstairs where it is much more serene and no one bothers me in my Master Suite.  Oh, how I am soooooo going to miss having an entire level of the house to myself when/if we move :(.  My bed is a great place to blog, but I always have the same problem…

…trying to get comfy while holding a laptop!

By the way, today I am 36 so feel free to wish me a happy b-day :)!  How’s that for subtle?


  1. 1bellastager says

    Happy 26th Birthday:)

    I love the stone backsplash in the kitchen…did you do it yourself & if so do you have a post about it?

    Enjoy today!

  2. Centsational Girl says

    Ha, you are too cute !!! Happy Birthday friend ! Love your new linens in your room, so pretty. Thanks so much for linking up !

  3. Bee's Place says

    Happy birthday. If you ever figure out how to use a laptop comfortably on a bed let me know. I have a home office and mostly work there. Once in a while I move mine to the kitchen table.

  4. the BLAH BLAH BLAHger says

    First, happy birthday.

    Second, I love the real shot of the kitchen. I usually shove the mess to the corner when I take a blog pic…and then it sits there for a while until I FINALLY decide to organize. ; )

  5. Carmen says

    Well, happy birthday!! =D Love that bed cover and the chandelier!
    If you're not doing anything with that cucumber…I'd be happy to take it off your hands. I LOVE cucumbers!!;P

  6. Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia says

    A vErY HaPpY BiRtHdAy!!
    May God grant you many more full of love, laughter, hapiness, health and wealth. And may you find a confy chair to sit your tush in your brand new room ;)

  7. Amanda @ Serenity Now says

    Hope you have a wonderful and special birthday!! :)

    I think that both of your blogging spaces are great. I also blog mostly from my kitchen. I have a great view of stacked up newspapers from my table. ;)

    Visiting from Kate's today!

  8. Susan says

    Happy Birthday Beth! Your blog is awesome and I just wanted to say hello…I have a link on mine under the heading SERIOUSLY COOL :)

  9. Wendy says

    Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Beth….. Happy birthday to you!

    Now can I go have cake?

    Have a WONDERFUL day!

  10. Kendra@My Insanity says

    Happy birthday! I'm a little too embarrassed to show my extremely messy work area, but thanks for showing your kitchen. It makes me feel a little better about my desk, and reminds me that creativity is messy.

    Your bedroom is gorgeous, however! (Mine is another disaster area in my house–ugh! I need to make it a retreat, like yours!)

    Hope your day is great!

  11. Ellie says

    Happy Birthday! What project do you have going on in the kitchen?! It's nice to be able to get away sometimes. When I sit on our bed I use one of those bed trays over my lap. It helps me stay comfortable and keeps the hot laptop from burning my legs!

  12. the cape on the corner says

    happy birthday! hope you have a great day. i don't want you to move, lol, i love that you live in the city and have a "different" house/neighborhood, and that is what i like reading about!

  13. Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions says

    Well, Happy Birthday, Beth! : ) I agree, a bed is a difficult place to sit and use the laptop, unless you've got some good back support. I am constantly moving around when I'm on mine ~ from the desk to the couch mainly. Plus it depends on whether I'm typing a post or reading a post.

  14. Pam @ diy Design Fanatic says

    Happy Birthday!
    I think my bed is a great place to blog… I just pile up a bunch of pillows for my back and sink in. I love having my feet up. My bed is a memory foam, though and my behind leaves a huge (hopefully not permanent) hole until it springs up again!

  15. LUCKY 7 DESIGN says

    Hey Beth, glad we were at the same party. I took a tour of your home and love your style. The brick in your dining room is to die for..lol. I plan of coming back to click around later, just wanted to send you a little message and say hi.

  16. Shel at Dreamy Nest says

    Happy birthday sweet Beth!!!!! :)

    Gah – I'm still older than you… *sigh*

    LOL – I love that you shared your space, in all it's wonderful glory.

    Seeing all these bloggers with laptops is making me want one, but I just can't do anything on laptops fast enough.

    So, what are your fabulous birthday plans??? xoxoxoxo

  17. Julia @ Hooked on Houses says

    Hope you have a beautiful birthday, Beth, and best wishes for a wonderful year ahead! xo

  18. Cherry Chick says

    LOL…I love your subtle announcement…Happy, Happy "B" Day to you!
    I'm either in my bed blogging (on a little "bed table" or sitting on the couch. Never in the office. I agree it's sometimes hard to get comfortable in the bed. I suggest lots of pillows to support your back.

  19. ruthhill74 says

    Hope you have a great birthday. From a fellow 36-year-old. 1974 must have been a good year! Blessings!

  20. Debra from Bungalow says

    Happy Birthday Young'un!
    I'd love to be 36 again!

    Seriously, hope you have a great day!

  21. Pam says

    Happy Birthday! Love the bedroom…it looks so nice. I blog at my desk on my PC., in the craftroom/paintingroom/office! lol

  22. Leanne says

    Happy Birthday Beth! I love your bedroom and I'm glad all the little bugaboos are gone. Have a great one!

  23. judi says

    a happy, happy birthday to you!

    lol, i have the same problem with getting comfortable with the laptop on my bed.

    judi ;)

  24. The mad woman behind the blog says

    Happy birthday my fellow Virgo! You don't look a day over 25! And neither do I!

    Now where did I put my glasses?

  25. Crystal says

    Happy birthday! Something that might help you to be a bit more comfy while typing in your bed is what I call a "husband," but is really nothing more than a large pillow to be used as a backrest. They have decently priced, stylish ones at Anna's Linens!

  26. kelly says

    many birthday wishes!!! i just turned 40, it stinks, but i am not complaining! you need a lap desk or a chair pillow!

  27. Richella says

    Happy, happy birthday! My birthday is next weekend. . . so I am almost exactly 11 years older than you. Hope you're not feeling old, because that would make me ancient! :)

  28. Kim @ Starshine Chic says

    Happy, happy birthday. It is technically still your birthday here in California. All the fabulous people have August birthdays. Ask me how I know. lol.

    I just love how real you are. And I'm glad to see that I am not the only one who doesn't have an office in which to blog. I put my laptop on my lap as I'm sitting in a recliner in my family room. But I was too chicken to blog about it.

    Happy birthday again.


  29. Kristi says

    Happy Belated Birthday!! a day late and a dollar short I guess!! :) I can only post in one place because I have a desktop…so right in the middle of my living room is where I blog…but yes I remember how uncomfortable using a laptop in bed was when I was in college! You need a desk girl!
    @ Creative Kristi

  30. Bridget says

    Happy Birthday!! Your bedroom looks so pretty and serene. Now that my youngest is off to the big Kindergarten I'm tackling the master bedroom! You've given me inspiration. :)

  31. The Tidy Brown Wren says

    We share the same birthday! Happy BD to you. I wish I could say I was still in my 30's but this is my last year in my 40's. I just keep plugging along!

  32. Melissa says

    Happy Happy Birthday to you! I am the same way with blogging. It is anywhere that there is a seat.

  33. Robyn says

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love you sweet photos…they are so cute! That chandy ROCKS! THANKS for the sweet comment on my blog!

  34. Popcorn Served Daily says

    Happy Birthday!

    Love your blogging spot. If I blogged in my bed I would totally rack out. I'm lazy like that!

    Take care,


  35. Marianne@Songbird says

    Ha ha I am typing this on my bed as we speak!
    Am I too late to wish you a happy birthday! Happy birthday my friend!! I hope you had a wonderful day and celebrated the fact that the world got to be a better place because you are in it.

  36. Carmen @ Life with Sprinkles on Top says

    Happy Belated Birthday! I only have desktop computer, *gasp*. I know, right. But if I had a laptop, I'd totally be blogging laying in bed. Why would you be moving? I must have missed that.

  37. Kaylen says

    Happy Bday!
    I love the idea of blogging in bed-which I really only do while in a hotel, because it's just not as comfy as you want it to be!

    Great pics!!

  38. Erin says

    Happy Belated Birthday! (Sorry, now that Superman is back overseas, I am catching up on all my blogs…)

    Let's see, where do I blog. Normally on my desk, but that is because I finally figured out I am ADD and that my OCD tendencies help me be productive!) Superman also bought me a laptop when he left (computer geeks believe you can never have too many computers), so I typing this at the dining room table, but it feels weird.