New Fab Blog Alert: Kim from Sand & Sisal

There is a brand new blogger amongst us, and I happen to have first hand experience with her uber amazing talents…36 years of experience to be exact!  
Kim from Sand and Sisal happens to be my big sister.  And out of the three of us, she by far is the most talented when it comes to cooking, crafting, baking, and decorating.  Considering my little sister, Christianne from Little Page Turners, and I know a thing or two about all of the above, that is no small claim!  Kim is an artist by training, a busy mother of four, and just an all-around amazing person.  I adore her, and I’m confident you will too!

Kim just started her blog last week but already has some projects for you to check out!   Remember that gorgeous PB Noel sign that I featured here?  Yep, that was hers.

Need a last minute, easy, yummy, hostess gift for the neighbors or for that upcoming Christmas party?  Check out her recipe for Cranberry Citrus Cream Cheese Spread.  
The yummies pictured below aren’t currently on her blog, but I wanted you to see a sampling of her baking abilities.  This girl can bake a cupcake and design a cake like nobody’s business!  What is this dessert you ask?  Oh just a simple Mocha Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Cheescake with Chocolate Ganache and Chocolate Marzipan Pinecones that she whipped up for us one Christmas Eve. 
And for kicks she decided to bake her way through Hello Cupcake.  Uh, yeah.  Hello indeed!
Kim is no stranger to the wonders of ORB...
…and she is a visionary when it comes to home renovation.  Check out what she and her hubs did to one of their bathrooms.
And stay tuned because I got a sneak peak of what she’s got going on in her master bath, and it is gorgeous!  
Now, we all know how hard it is to get plugged in to the blogging community when you are first starting up.  If you haven’t already (and I know so many of you have—thank you!), I would be so honored if you go on over, say hi, and consider following my big sis.  She promises not to disappoint!   Holla Sand & Sisal!  Mwah to you Kimmy!


  1. dreams on 34th street says

    Beth, Thanks for the privelege of letting me feature your Subway Art idea on my blog today…Merry Christmas! *L*

  2. Janell @ Isabella and Max says

    What a wonderful introduction and you all look so pretty together! Off to check out Kim's blog…Janell

  3. Janell @ Isabella and Max says

    What a wonderful introduction and you all look so pretty together! Off to check out Kim's blog…Janell

  4. Tiffany says

    Fabulous introduction! First I'm jealous you have 2 sisters and 2nd that all three of you are soooo stinkin' talented…I'll be following! TFS

  5. Blondie's Journal says

    Kim really does have a lot of talent. I am sure her blog will be wonderful. I'm going to check it out now!


  6. Lemonade Makin' Mama says

    Clearly, good things really run in your family. What a precious post about a beloved sister!! I'm headed over to say hi to her next. Thanks for sharing her with us!


  7. Amy Kinser says

    What a nice intro for your sister. You helped get me started also, you know. Thank you again for that.

    I will head over and become a new follower right now.

    God bless you all this Christmas.

  8. Kim @ Sand and Sisal says

    Thanks for the sweet comments everyone! I really appreciate it! But I want to especially thank Beth for the amazing introduction into bloggyland! Love you Betsy-babes!

  9. Jensamom23 says

    Am a follower now and am making the cream cheese hostess jar thingies this week! Beautiful blogs…must run in the family.

  10. Erin says

    I am defiantly going to check out that blog! Your Christmas decorations are so beautiful. The front porch is to die for! Merry Christmas!

  11. il-il says

    Good luck to your sister.
    I love your blog. Thanks for all the explanations.
    Had to tell you: I just saw your post from 2009 about your beautiful MYO Pumpkin Pillows.You didn't write the exact source of the pics, but it looks to me that the creepy smiling jailbirds pic aren't regular prisoners. I think it's a pic from some concentration camp being released during the Holocaust and they're smiling 'cause their life were saved. Thought you'de like to know.

  12. Josefa Lunares says

    While I understand that this girl wears as gblogger poc time and it's your little sister is an artist with the kitchen, decoration, I'm wrong about something? Certainly not want to put the translator so you can understand what you say?